Climate Change Investment Solutions:
A Guide for Asset Owners

Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change issue practical new guide for investors

Global Sustainable Investment Review 2014

Global Sustainable Investment Alliance issues second international assessment of the sustainable investment landscape


2014 Asia Sustainable Investment Review

Trends and insights on the future of sustainable investing in Asia


Supportive public policy is required to solve Asia’s climate adaptation, mitigation and resilience challenges: ASrIA-AIGCC publishes policy priorities paper.

ASrIA-AIGCC argues for policy action in a paper distributed to policy makers across the region – asking governments to ensure predictable, transparent and long-term policies are put in place to create a supportive environment for investors.

Against the backdrop of international climate negotiations, the statement is a call for ambition policies to facilitate investment in addressing climate change challenges in Asia. The statement provides guidance to policy makers on the frameworks required to mobilize substantial investment into low carbon and lean energy opportunities across Asia and transform the manner in which the regions grows.

For more information click here or contact Jessica Robinson, Chief Executive, ASrIA-AIGCC

ASrIA launches Private Equity ESG Initiative

ASrIA is establishing, subject to funding, the ASrIA Private Equity ESG Initiative in order to convene private equity firms to discuss these opportunities and challenges, and share evolving practices across the industry.

The objective of the PE ESG Initiative is to support PE firms in building internal ESG capacity, strengthening capabilities, and raising awareness of ESG best practices across the industry more broadly.

For further information click here or contact Jessica Robinson, Chief Executive, ASrIA.



Private Equity Event JR 3


Climate Change Investment Solutions: A Guide for Asset Owners

Actions taken by investors will be central to tackling climate change and shifting the world to a low carbon economy. This guide suggests practical steps investors can take to protect their portfolios from the risks of climate change and seize opportunities arising during the transition to a low carbon economy.

To learn more view ASrIA’s Press Release or follow the link to read the full Climate Change Investment Solutions guide.

Climate Change Investment Solutions


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