2014 Asia Sustainable Investment Review

Trends and insights on the future of sustainable investing in Asia

Global Sustainable Investment Review 2014

Global Sustainable Investment Alliance issues second international assessment of the sustainable investment landscape

Climate Change Investment Solutions: A Guide for Asset Owners

Actions taken by investors will be central to tackling climate change and shifting the world to a low carbon economy. This guide suggests practical steps investors can take to protect their portfolios from the risks of climate change and seize opportunities arising during the transition to a low carbon economy.

To learn more view ASrIA’s Press Release or follow the link to read the full Climate Change Investment Solutions guide.

Climate Change Investment Solutions

2014 Global Sustainable Investment Review Covershot

Global Sustainable Investment Review 2014

The Global Sustainable Investment Review 2014 is a collaboration between members of the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance and the Japan Social Investment Forum.

This is the second report to collate the results from the market studies by regional sustainable investment forums from Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia (ex Japan) and Japan after the inaugural 2012 review was published in early 2013.

To learn more and read the full report view ASrIA’s Press Release

2014 Asia Sustainable Investment Review

ASrIA is pleased to release the 2014 Asia Sustainable Investment Review, the leading study of sustainable investment strategies and practices by investors in Asia.

The Review confirms that Asia’s sustainable investment market is robust and growing – positive trends indicate significant growth potential.

To learn more view ASrIA’s Press Release or follow the link to read the full 2014 Asia Sustainable Investment Review.

Asia Sustainable Investment Review - Cover 2

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2014 Global Investor Statement On Climate Change

Signed by More Than 350 Investors Representing Assets of +US$24 Trillion

Building on the success of the 2011 Global Investor Statement on Climate Change, AIGCC – an ASrIA initiative – and its partners take to New York for Climate Week and the Climate Summit 2014 to unveil the 2014 Global Investor Statement on Climate Change…

Read More or view ASrIA’s Press Release

Low Carbon Investment Registry

A global public online database of low carbon investments, the Low Carbon Investment (LCI) Registry is the first neutral, non-commercial database geared towards helping policy makers understand the market landscape from an institutional investor’s perspective.

The LCI Registry is one of the investment community’s key contributions to the UN Global Secretary Climate Summit in New York, and participation in the Registry contributes to advocacy tools and identifies investors as active supporters of both AIGCC and other GIC members.

To learn more about the LCI Registry, visit the website here.


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